Resignation log

This is a list of resignation statements from the Liberal Democrats.  It includes people who seem to be liberals, it doesn't include those who have defected to Labour (why would a liberal do that?) or the Tories (?!), or resignations which seem to centre on local or personal circumstances.   It does include a couple of Greens.

This is bound to be incomplete, please let me know if you have other suggestions for inclusion.

The intention is that this will give some cumulative sense of why liberals have left the party:

May 2013: Fred Carver (former Camden cllr).

April 2013: Francesca Montemaggi (former Cardiff cllr).

April 2013: Susan Penhaligon.

April 2013: Ed Jennings.
April 2013: Greg Foxsmith (Islington cllr).

March 2013: One Thousand Origami Cranes

March 2013: Dave Smithson (former Liverpool cllr).

March 2013: Cory Doctorow.

March 2013: Philippe Sands QC.

March 2013: Dinah Rose QC.

March 2013: Jo Shaw (Federal Executive).

February 2013: Stuart Parsons (Mayor of Richmond, Yorkshire).

November 2012: Peggy Dow (Marlborough cllr).

November 2012: Clive Smith (Worcestershire cllr); to Green Party.

October 2012: Kiron Reid (former Liverpool cllr).

September 2012: Tamsin Williams (Cornwall cllr); to Mebyon Kernow.

July 2012: Ric Morgan (Southend cllr) ; to Liberal Party.

May 2012: Sue Smith (Wokingham cllr).

May 2012: Ian Allen (East Cambs cllr)

May 2012: Graham Walker (Cornwall cllr).

May 2012: David Stone & Paul Stone (Chesterfield cllrs).

April 2012: Angela Lawrence (Abingdon cllr).

March 2012: Stephen Lingwood.

March 2012: Professor Dorothy Bishop.

March 2012: Liz Williams; to Green Party.

March 2012: Mark Young (Welsh Assembly candidate)

March 2012: Graham Winyard

March 2012: Chris Ward (former Guildford cllr).

March 2012: James Hargrave (Suffolk).

March 2012: James Graham (Federal Executive).

February 2012: Bill Catt (Hampshire, former cllr); to Green Party.

February 2012: Paul Clein (former Liverpool cllr).

November 2011: Derek Collins (St Austell town cllr); to Mebyon Kernow.

August 2011: Alexis Rowell (former Camden cllr); to Green Party.

June 2011: Alan Weeks (Hampshire cllr); to Green Party.

May 2011: Kathleen Williams (Torfaen cllr).

March 2011: Barry Slater (Suffolk Coastal District cllr).

March 2011: Helen Dyke & Peter Dyke (Wyre Forest cllrs).

March 2011: Hugh O'Donnell (MSP for Central Scotland).

March 2011: David O'Neill (Calderdale cllr).

January 2011: James Doyle (Worthing cllr); to Green Party.

December 2010: Matt Davies (Haringey cllr).

December 2010: Richard Huzzey (former Oxford cllr).

December 2010: Seth Thevoz.

October 2010: Sarah McCulloch

September 2010: Bob Bryant, Peter Blackmore, Chris Carlin (Runcorn cllrs).

August 2010: Robert Vint (Totnes Cllr); to Green Party.

May 2010: Alex Kear (Worcester branch chair); to Green Party.

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