About Liberals Together

Liberals Together is blog about liberals and Liberal Democrats in the UK. I’ve been a member of the Liberal Democrats since the mid-1990s, I hope not to leave, and don’t want to persuade anyone else to go.* But plenty of good liberals** have left the party in the last couple of years, and I want to keep in touch with what they’re thinking and doing - especially those who haven't joined a non-liberal poltical party. So Liberals Together will consist mainly of links to other content, rather than things I’ll written. It’s designed as a reference for me, but if it’s useful to other people then so much the better.
*I'm a Lib Dem member since mid 1990s. Fairly active activist from mid 1990s to mid 2000s (and still runs the odd Committee Room). Contributed a couple of things to Liberator. Never voted for a winning leadership candidate. Email if you want to know more: liberalstogether [at] gmail.com.
** By ‘good liberals’ I mean according to my own unapologetically personal judgment. Some people have left the party (and many people have stopped supporting it) because they didn’t really get the British liberal tradition in the first place and (at the risk of coming across as my own personal People’s Front of Liberalism), I don’t care so much about them…

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